Monday, February 27, 2012

Decluttering: key to knowing your stuff

How often do you run around the house looking for one specific thing and can't find it to save your life?  I have and often wade through all sorts of space-sucking stuff to find it.  Not to mention the time and frustration wasted when a part of your mind is saying, "if you had put it away in the proper place, you wouldn't be in this mess or late for work."  Yeah, but who has the time to schedule when they are going to clean, organize and get rid of junk that's just taking up room?

That's what I love about this calendar!  It is a pre-scheduled decluttering calendar for 2012 breaking up the overwhelming task of major organizing and cleaning into bite sized chunks.  There are even scheduled days off!  It's a practical concrete way of simplifying and destressing one's living space and mind.

Once you know what you actually have from removing excess useless stuff it will be:
a) easier to find it
b) easier to stay organized and
c) most if not all the good things about simplifying one's life including being environmentally friendly, less stressed, have more time etc.

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