Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've recently joined Pinterest.  Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard that can be shared with anybody.  I've determined it is also  great place to store infographics that I find.  In my previous post about infographics,  I talk about how easy and informative the graphics are to educate people.  I've been hesitant to post them on the blog because, well, they are graphics and often really big!  Enter my virtual pinboard designed to store and share graphics!  So, from now on I will be 'pinning' awesome and sustainable related infographics on that site.

Recently I've determined I want to focus this blog at college student/first time apartment owners.  Why?
  • This is the age that people start becoming more independent
    • living on their own or with roommates
    • start realizing the relationship between money and responsibilities
    • learning about cooking and food
    • having to transport themselves around 
  • People start making big life and long term decisions
  • Adult behaviors and habits are formed!!!
AND I've noticed that there is not much information for young adults without children with very little money, time or space.  I've read blogs about gardening, families with children, advocacy or news (awesome but not very helpful for individuals), housing related sustainability and a lot of DIY projects that require time and space.  All of that information is good if you already have a place, a family, time and money.  But not so helpful for someone who doesn't.  Therefore, I plan on focusing on sustainable techniques that save money, save time and lower your personal impact on the planet.  I will also have a pin board on Pinterest related to sustainable ideas for college life.