Saturday, January 7, 2012

Great ways to start

If you want to start to be more sustainable in your life you need to start with a baseline.  You need to know what you already do this sustainable (good for you!) and what areas could become more sustainable.   A pretty comprehensive 'green' quiz available to determine your baseline is from Practically Green, a website and blog dedicated to educating people about simple easy things (they call 'Actions') to do to be more green.  I took the quiz and I was very impressed with the breadth and thoroughness of the topics.  After you take the quiz they even have a promising incentive program to continue and increase one's sustainable practices.  I highly recommend checking them out and taking 'how green are you?' quiz!

Another great way to jump right in to change your behavior towards a more sustainable lifestyle is take The Simple Living Pledge. I recently learned about this pledge from the blog My Plastic-free Life (formerly known as fake plastic fish) and went to the link she provided to learn more about it.  I had been reading about simple living lifestyles in my research about personal sustainability and wanted to know what exactly it is.  Well, I was not disappointed.  The page on the blog Kanelstrand goes into what a simple lifestyle is, what the pledge is (starts in February and lasts 3 weeks officially), and the best part?  Anyone can do it!  You don't have to have a website, a blog or even an email address to pledge. 

Join me and take this pledge if only for the month of February!

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