Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's in a name?

The Butterfly Effect is part of Chaos theory in physics.  Scientist Edward Norton Lorenz coined the term to explain the difficulties in predicting the weather.  The idea goes: a butterfly flaps it wing in China leading to unpredictable tornadoes in Kansas.  Basically, little events lead to unpredictably large changes.  Now, the term is not restricted to describe weather patterns, but used as a more general metaphor for the impact of an individual on a larger scale.

I've known for a while I wanted to get more involved in sustainability.  Working at the Center for Sustainability for over a year now has taught me more about not only environmentalism, but the economical and social aspects of sustainability.

Sustainability has 3 interlocking categories: Ecology, Economic and Social.  Like the recycle symbol, these categories can only work if all aspects are considered.  Therefore, sustainability is actually different from straight environmentalism or 'green' (even though it is a vital part of the whole solution).  But why is sustainability important?  It is important because without the application of sustainable living and practices, the world will run out and dry up leaving us with nothing.

Hence the name of this blog.  It combines the theory of individual impact and sustainable living to save everything we hold dear.

Flap your wings and change the world.

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